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Travelling Souls

At the Dublin Castle

After a lots of searching, frustration disappointments and self-doubt, I have finely found the band of my dreams, One step at a time we have made it to our first gig at the Dublin Castle. The audience was well engaged dancing and singing along to the songs. We played well and got lots of good genuine feedback. With the band with me on stage I feel my confidence growing more and more, I feel a special bond forming in the band, I’ve created something I am very proud of and the band really brings it all to life.

I can finely introduce Traveling Souls, we are made up of: me - obviously, one untamable guitarist - mad Mihailo, one sleek bass player - Markus, a groovy drummer - Timmy Tim (that has only just joined us but I have a good feeling about him) what more can a girl ask for? Next stop Nambucca

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