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The Finishing Line

I made a choice about 4 years ago based on my passion for music and here I am with a scroll in my hand and a big smile. In my last post I talked about waiting for that elusive moment to come when I finally feel like I’m a real musician, well tonight that moment feels a bit closer.

Acknowledging my achievement has not been easy, I have pushed myself far beyond my expectations, out of my comfort zone, far from any familiar territory. I still can’t believe I had the courage to apply to ICMP, let alone to move to London, study music, perform, showcase my work and feel proud of it. However it is official and wrapped in a red ribbon, some wiser than myself say that I made it to the finishing line, I am in fact a music graduate with a BA(hons) in Songwriting.

As if that’s not enough tomorrow I am going out to see one of my musical heroes, Paul Simon, I can only dream of following in his footsteps, that my songs will one day have half the impact of his.

Now the real world awaits … follow my journey on my blog

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