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Wish me luck

For me the hardest part of being a musician is waiting for that elusive moment to come when I finally feel like I’m a real musician. How good do I need to be? What is good enough?

As I learn more I feel a big improvement in many aspects of my music, but still I worry that I struggle with my voice, my guitar playing and that my ears are not as sharp as I would like them to be.

This can be frustrating at times, yet every day I get up, I play guitar, write songs, record, listen, record, listen, go out to perform at different open mic’s and work on producing and promoting myself like I’m the next Mick Jagger.

I am very lucky that all my friends and family support me, and every teacher and professional I meet encourages me to keep going. At some point I may have to face up to the truth that there are many musicians like me, whose songs have never been heard, but I’m not ready to give up yet.

I have started working with a producer, this is the first time I have let go of the rails and let someone else make the music for one of my songs. It is going well so far, but working with a professional with 40 years of experience really makes me realise how much I have to learn.

I will be recording vocals next week I’m excited and a bit worried, wish me luck and stay posted for my new song.

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