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Springing into spring

It’s been a while since I shared anything on my blog, busy times, playing lots of music, trying different things, ups and downs and also some exciting news.

The Band - Over the last three months I’ve been focusing most of my energy on getting a band together, and finally, after rehearsing with about 20 musicians, I think I found my band. I’m having an amazing time rehearsing and I can see it all coming together nicely. Travelling Souls is the name of the band, and now my next move alongside maintaining rehearsals is finding a venue for our debut performance.

Watch this space…

If you want to hear what we sound like in a full band rehearsal CLICK HERE

Hanwell Hootie - Playing on a bus! at a London festival, I felt this was a very appropriate setting for Travelling Souls. However it was last minute so it was just good old me again (and a reflection in the window of my no.1 fan xx).

Watch the full show CLICK HERE

Live Gig - On the 19th of May at 15:00-15:30 I will be playing at a charity concert in Ealing, a truly defining moment when I can hopefully use my music to help others.

For more info CLICK HERE

New Songs - Last but not least I recorded two songs, a new song CLICK HERE

and an oldie cover CLICK HERE


See you all soon

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