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The official launch of the TRAVELLING SOUL BLOG will be on the 19/08/16. alongside the launch I am releasing my debut single LIFT OFF. available now on Bandcamp. Over the last few days I have been presenting the topics and vibe of the TRAVELLING SOUL BLOG, feel free to like, share, comment and join the MAILING LIST to keep up with this travelling soul. Thank you for reading Tamar

LIFT OFF. Only hours now, the excitement of setting off on a new journey is filling the air, Packing, worries, lists, bookings, passports and remember to water the plants, it's all coming together. Oh yes, and writing a blog. The name of my blog, Travelling Soul, comes from the lyrics of a song I've written and it's also the title of my upcoming 4 track EP. LIFT OFF, appropriately titled, is the official launch track for this blog and the first single off Travelling Soul, so give it a listen and let me know what you think . The promo video is in progress as we speak and will feature in my blog soon. All the song on the EP talk about the experience of packing a bag and going off travelling. Alongside the mosquito net, sun cream, toilet roll and other essentials for my journey, I will be taking a small guitar, and some gear to allow me to keep writing and sharing my work with you as I go. I have also packed some sketch books and will be spending time making art in the changing views of our journey. At first glance an artist may appear to be a laid back type of person with a chilled outlook, choosing to do something fun and playful in life. In many ways this is true, here I am off on holiday, but on the other hand it is a 24/7 obsession. I am always thinking what more can I do to make my music better, a holiday is an opportunity to get inspired by new experiences, rather then resting and parting. It's a bit like going hunting, hopefully i'll catch some juicy ideas out there (also a bit of resting and partying too lol). I am hoping to meet other musicians, locals and travellers, to gather round and play music together. I would like to create opportunities for myself to perform in unique locations on the road. Exciting, not long to go now. I'm off...

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