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Travelling companion. 3 days to go..

The official launch of my blog will be on the 19/08/16. Over the last few days I have presented the topics and vibe of this blog, feel free to like, share, comment and join the mailing list (Link). Thank you for reading Tamar

In my upcoming adventure, I will be travelling to Thailand and India alongside my travelling companion and life partner Duncan. This is the first time I have set off on an adventure like this with somebody else, up to now I have always travelled alone, this time, not only I will be travelling with a partner, I will be sharing my thoughts of the whole experience with you all, for me this is an adventure in itself. I will be flying to Bangkok and then to Koh-Samui Island where Duncan and I will be attending a beach wedding of a friend. Then we will fly to Delhi, from there our plans are a bit less defined, The general direction will be north to Ladakh and Spiti-Valley, picturesque villages under-looking the Himalaya, Varanasi will be another place I would like to visit after spending two weeks there on my last stay, but plans may change as I know from past experience it’s pointless to try and plan a trip in India, it seems to take you where you need to go. I'll be sharing this adventure and more here on my blog.

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