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Changes. 4 days to go..

The official launch of my blog will be on the 19/08/16. Over the last few days I have presented the topics and vibe of this blog, feel free to like, share, comment and join the mailing list (Link). Thank you for reading Tamar

I changed my path in life about three years ago and chose to go out of my way, leaving the comfort of a 9-5 career, moving from Tel Aviv to London. My motivation was to learn as much as I can about the art of weaving words into music, aka songwriting, alongside a need to reconnect with my English roots that were slipping away over time. It's been challenging and took some getting use to, and now just as I have started to get in sync with my new reality, my reality is changing again, I have finished my studies at ICMP in London, no longer a student, what next? what does the future hold for me as a musician in the real world?

If you have been following me you will have noticed I have been sharing my experimentation and progress with you casually in the form of songs posted on Soundcloud and Youtube clips and lets not forget in real life too. Now I have graduated from my studies I want to keep the ball rolling. By writing and sharing my work within this structure and context, I will create a virtual connection with you that will help me keep committed to my musical path. I would love for you to comment, connect and make it a mutual inspiration. Keep up to date on what's happening on my blog, only 4 days till Llift Off. (Link)

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