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Travelling Soul Blog

Travelling Soul Blog- Coming soon in 1 week

The official launch of the blog will be on the 19/08/16. Over the next days I will be presenting the topics and vibe of this blog, feel free to like, share, comment and join the mailing list (Link).

Hello, I'm here with my first ever blog. The last 3 years have been full of lots of change, exciting challenges and adventures, moving from Tel Aviv to London, studying, song-writing, performing, and much more. I want to start keeping track of my adventures and progress by writing this blog about music, travelling and being an artist, the kind of things I can’t seem to get enough of.

What do I hope to achieve through writing this blog? What qualifies me to talk about these topics? Truth being, nothing at all, except my desire to do so, the same desire that got me writing songs and challenging myself to make my path full of creativity, A need to observe my feelings, the shapes of life around me, how they interact and find a way to communicate these observations with others. I truly hope to share interesting topics and insights. What ever I chose to do, it's better not to get caught up in the details that hold me back and just get to work, so here we are. Join me on my adventures. (Link) Thank you for reading Tamar

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